Levy Training Needs Analysis

CQM Training & Consultancy Ltd are committed to assisting businesses plan their levy spend to maximise return on investment, both in terms of financial, and behavioural change. We are experts in utilising innovative Apprenticeships to deliver your business benefits, having been at the forefront of recent Apprenticeship reform.

Our practical approach, supported by a Training Needs Analysis, starts by understanding the predominant business needs, then cleverly mapping them across to the desired business outcomes that will drive your company and people towards success.

CQM Training & Consultancy Ltd have created a Levy Calculator Financial Management Tool which provides a strategic solution to accurately plan and forecast your ongoing monthly, and annual spend on Apprenticeship programmes. Providing clear visibility of the monthly funds within your DAS account, the calculator depicts the peaks and troughs of your accrued levy funds against the amount of money being spent on Apprenticeships. Significantly, the calculator factors in the all-important 20% end payments which can dramatically affect your account balance.

Our congenial and open approach to examining the levy enables us to get to the heart of your business, facilitating your smooth progress through these changing times.

For more information on how CQM T&C can help your company maximise its return on investment through the levy, download our whitepaper Apprenticeship Levy - an Organisational Guide

Contact us if you would like to discuss with us how we can help you to facilitate the development of your own Training Needs Analysis and Levy spend.