About CQM

CQM Training & Consultancy (CQM T&C) has been delivering world class, business focused solutions for 30 years. With our award-winning, high quality training, development, and apprenticeship programmes, we challenge the ambitions of our clients and their people to develop themselves beyond all expectations.

Our Expertise

CQM T&C’s core expertise is in Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and Management Development, supporting businesses across all sectors in their journey towards Operational Excellence.

Built on a mission to transform organisational and individual performance, CQM T&C has developed over 7000 learners and worked with more than 800 organisations, accruing over £19.5m in cost savings for our clients.



Delivered in Cost Savings

Delivered in Cost Savings

What makes us different?

Key to our success is embedding a culture of sustainability and instilling the right behaviours amongst your workforce. We give those involved, the responsibility of researching and delivering an Improvement Project responding to an identified business need. Consequently, employees effectively use the tools and techniques gained from our expert training to produce a direct, and positive benefit for your company.

If you want to drive exceptional performance and confidence through training and coaching, then we can provide the results you are looking for.

Customer focused

Customer Focus

To always recognise, respect and support the customer.


To use our specialist expertise to help benefit others.

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To always commit to doing the right thing.

Making a difference

To have a positive impact on those around us.

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Examples of delivery

Delivering Effective Communication Skills

Advanced Food & Drink Process Operator Level 3

Looking at the impact of good verbal communication, non-verbal and written communication, and what makes an effective listener.

Delivering Design of Experiments

Improvement Practitioner Level 4

Looking at the design of experiments – a systematic method to gain as much information as possible on how inputs effect outputs.

Different Leadership Styles

Team Leader / Supervisor Level 3

Comparing different leadership styles and strategies to discover the different outcomes each can produce.

Instructus Group

CQM T&C is owned by the Instructus Group, a UK charity focused on delivering end-to-end training and development. The Instructus family of companies advances education for the public benefit through the promotion of qualifications, training, and skills.

Instructus skills

Dedicated to advancing education for the public benefit through our work on qualifications, training, and skills. As the UK’s largest apprenticeship certification authority, we represent the skills needs of over 11 million employees every year.

The Springboard Consultancy

A world-leading international training and development consultancy that contributes to achieving greater equality in the world by helping everyone be the best they can be and realising their full potential.

CQM Training & Consultancy

CQM Training & Consultancy

National award-winning training and development consultancy, delivering programmes that effectively embed sustainable changes in workforce culture, driving measurable improvements across production and service provision.

Need guidance on your Levy Spend

Need guidance on your Levy Spend?

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Training Needs Analysis

Need advice? Training Needs Analysis

Gain a complete understanding of the current and ongoing requirements of all your employees from the shop-floor to the boardroom

Improve your Operational Performance

Need to improve your Operational Performance?

We provide tailored training, development and consultancy solutions to drive sustainable changes in culture and deliver a tangible ROI

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