Lean Manufacturing Operative Level 2

Apprenticeship - Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Lean Manufacturing Operative Level 2

Apprenticeship - Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Lean Manufacturing Operative Summary

In this Lean Manufacturing Operative Level 2 (Lean Six Sigma White Belt) Apprenticeship Standard the learner will be expected to carry out work safely and meet the exacting quality standards demanded in a fast paced and efficient processing environment and developing themselves into a multi-skilled operator through process ownership. A Lean Manufacturing Operative may be required to carry out manufacturing activities on multiple products with different specifications consecutively. Through our tailored training and coaching from our expert delivery team, we deliver the key skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to drive exceptional performance with confidence.

What Are Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are designed to develop knowledge, improve skills and instil the right behaviours for anyone, at any level, in any business or industry looking to boost development and progression opportunities.

Introduction to Manufacturing Excellence

The Manufacturing Industry offers an exciting and varied career both in the UK & abroad providing a broad spectrum of opportunities for people to work in a technically advanced and innovative environment. At CQM Training & Consultancy Ltd we understand the importance of innovation and manufacturing excellence, and the need for your workforce to be equipped with the latest industry specific skills and techniques, essential for your continued sustainability and growth.

Lean Manufacturing Operative Course Content

The Lean Manufacturing Operative Level 2 (Lean Six Sigma White Belt) Apprenticeship will cover a broad range of topics and models across the programme. Our expert development coaches will provide you with the key knowledge, skills and behaviours to effectively implement tools and techniques with some of the key modules covering;


  • Continuous Improvement: how to study and identify ways to make improvements
  • Environmental: Compliance procedures/systems in line with regulatory requirements
  • Production: roles & responsibilities
  • Lean Manufacturing: manufacturing standard operating procedures (SOPs), development of lean processes
  • Quality Control
  • Health & Safety
  • Communication & Effective Working: how to share information using a variety of methods
  • Working Relationships & Individual Rights
  • Workplace Organisation
  • Problem Solving
  • Other Optional Units (As Agreed)

Lean Manufacturing Operative Benefits

Value Added Delivery

Qualification: CQM T&C can underpin the delivery of the Improvement Standard Apprenticeship programmes with a relevant Lean Six Sigma accredited certificate via Instructus Skills.

Measurable Impact: Each project will be defined, qualified and approved within a Profit Improvement Plan (PIP), agreed with you in advance. The PIP is a great management tool and clearly demonstrates the progress of each project using DMAIC and a RAG rating.

Mentors: We can help identify, and advise on a suitable Mentor within your organisation. We are able to provide coaching to the nominated Mentor so that they fully understand their role and what will be required of them, but also understand the guidelines within which they operate and to whom they report.

Guaranteed Return on Investment: With a focus on sustainability and measured improvement, our development programmes always guarantee a significant Return on Investment, seen not only through financial gain, but importantly through positive behavioural change.

Other support: We will help the learner and organisation identify a mentor and supply training if needed. The learner and mentor will be invited to engagement session prior to any start dates, to get a flavour for the course and to set expectations. We will hold regular governance meetings with the organisation to keep everything on track and, as part of the programme, support with key functional skills in English and Maths, for which the learner will attain level 1 qualification.

    Why Choose CQM

    We have been delivering world class, business focussed solutions for approaching 30 years.

    With our award-winning, high quality training, development, and apprenticeship programmes, we challenge the ambitions of our clients and learners to develop themselves beyond all expectations.

    We’re Specialists At What We Do

    Our core expertise is in Continuous Improvement, Lean Six Sigma, and Management Development, supporting businesses across all sectors in their journey towards Operational Excellence.

    The incredible development coaches delivering the training are not just highly qualified to teach and coach, they have been responsible for leading cross-functional process improvements themselves. They will use their vast industry experience of delivering on what they say and real life examples to explain in simple terms the various elements of the programme.

    Unrivalled Learner Experience

    Delivery is live, interactive and flexible to suit your needs. With new live online instructor led programmes, it means our programmes are accessible for all.

    Learner experience and outcomes are so important to us, and we’re proud to consistently deliver successful programmes. Each of our programmes will provide learners with a certificate of completion that they can use to boost their professional profile. We have also worked with external accrediting bodies so that on successful completion of our programmes, such as the Lean Six Sigma belts, learners will also receive specific and widely recognised certification.

    Lean Manufacturing Operative Delivery

    Tailored Apprenticeship

    Our Tailored Apprenticeship approach is perfect for organisations with larger number of employees being released at once for a particular Apprenticeship standard, and as such we offer bespoke on-site and/or virtual delivery.

    Tailored Apprenticeships allow for organisations to tailor the programme, to increase relevance, incorporate their values and ensure it is in line with organisational goals and learner requirements.

    All workshop and coaching dates are agreed well in advance, to ensure smooth delivery that fits around organisation’s busy periods. This allows plenty of time to plan ahead and, anticipating the unexpected, is truly flexible to accommodate changes during the Apprenticeship programme.

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    It has opened our eyes to what can really be achieved by small changes, evidenced not only in our bottom line & production, but through the positive impact upon site culture. We are impressed by the achievements and have continued to roll the development out to more employees.

    Cian Short, Early Careers Manager


    cqm ltd

    Improvement Technician Level 3 (Yellow Belt)

    This Apprenticeship programme is ideal for anyone participating in an improvement activity and wanting to gain a fundamental understanding of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Participants will acquire the necessary tools and techniques to capably assist the implementation of a project.

    cqm ltd

    Process Leader Level 4

    This Apprenticeship Programme is ideal for those directing production activities and operations. Process Leaders effectively lead and manage large teams as well as providing technical/specialist input and direction to their own team and to others. Process Leader are responsible for determining and managing budgets and resources.

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