Helping to Identify Areas for Improvement in Your Organisation With a Free Waste Walk

For a limited time only, we at CQM Training & Consultancy are offering the opportunity for one of our experienced and qualified Lean Consultants to perform a free structured ½ day Waste Walk at your organisation.

A Waste Walk is a commonly used lean practice, which through observing a process, can identify any of the 8 wastes that are unnecessarily occurring. You will gain a clear understanding of what is really happening in your business; what areas of the process are working well, and which areas need closer attention and improvement.

Key Features of our Waste Walk

  • Understand how you can begin to identify and take steps to reduce waste
  • Get a clear picture on what is really happening within your organisation
  • Detailed report explaining key areas of concern and possible solutions
  • Expert advice on how we could support through continuous improvement planning
  • All free and no obligation – providing reassurance at the very least
8 Waste - TIM WOODS

Following the site visit, our Lean Consultant will provide you with a detailed report prioritising Continuous Improvement opportunities to drive out waste and possible solutions to support the implementation of a suitable CI plan.

There is absolutely no cost to our visit and no commitment to purchase any of the recommended CI development solutions. For more information or to register for a FREE Waste Walk, please fill in our Contact Us form below and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.

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