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Project Title: Junior Management Development

Why the CQM T&C Junior Management Development Programme

DQS embarked on the programme to enhance their movement towards I.I.P, whilst integrating team leader performance across the UK sites. Kim Gallagher, the HR Manager felt that the programme would enable various depots to learn from each other and focus on DQS specific issues.

Project Achievements

– Eight junior managers achieved BTEC certification.
– New system established in the telesales department, this process led to £117K of new business being generated over a 12 month period.
– A business developed project established 41 key accounts £45K of new sales generated.
– New quotation systems resulted in an increase of 50% of new orders.
– Reduction in warehouse errors
– ILU Matrix systems installed
– New controls and systems implemented in the warehouse

‘‘It is evident that large problems can be solved with simple solutions. The presentations made by DQS team has shown that we have achieved success through employee involvement and improved communication. The presentations were excellent’’

Ray Stocks

Managing Director

"The course has been of great benefit, with people from different regions coming together and talking about business issues. We all feel that we have improved DQS as a team with Everyone contributing.’’

Janine Spiller

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