Employer Survey Feedback July 2020

Executive Summary
In July 2020, CQM carried out a detailed employer survey to find how we are perceived. Many thanks for the
vast majority of those key contacts who returned the surveys; this gives us comfort that the conclusions drawn
below are valid and reliable. Particular thanks for those who took the time to give ‘open feedback’ – it is so
nice for the team to get this and know what a great job they are doing.

Key outcomes from survey:
• In general, you like what we do and how we do it and would recommend us to others, with unanimous
agreement on the change in culture and behaviours experienced in your operations
• The ratings you gave us across understanding need, flexibility, clear comms, professionalism and
subject knowledge were all high, with professionalism the highest and continued CPD internally which
we’ll continue to work on
• Quality of training and ability to influence content and approach had a high satisfaction rating, with
ensuring the suitability of the programme as being still good, but an area for us to improve on.
Please let me know if you have any further comments on the survey, it is both great to have such strong
feedback but also good for us to see the areas we need to work on further.

Andy Cheshire – Managing Director – November 2020

1 – Overall Questions – Also compared to 2019 results

Q – Would you recommend CQM Training and Consultancy to another employer seeking similar training?

2020 96% said ‘Yes’ compared to 95% in 2019

Q – Do you see the training by CQM having a positive effect on the behaviours and culture on site?

2020 100% said ‘Yes’ compared to 94% in 2019


quality of delivery survey
ability to influence content/ approach survey
suitability of training survey
overall survey