For many people, being promoted to their first management role is a big deal. You may have spent many years aspiring to get to the stage where you’re seen as proficient enough to manage people. With this new position of authority comes responsibility, and no doubt you want to be the best manager you can be. Not only will this engender trust to those who report to you, but it will lead to other promotions down the road.

Here are four things you should do as soon as you’re promoted to ensure your ongoing success.

Get clear on expectations

The best way to get clear on expectation is to talk to your boss. They will have a set idea on what they want you to achieve and may even have targets for you to meet. You should use this meeting as an opportunity to put forth your own ideas too.

At this stage of your career, your boss will be looking for you to bring your own knowledge and expertise to the table. Whereas before you were expected to be the lead, you are now expected to contribute at a different level – it’s time to step up!

Set your goals

Using the meeting as the basis for this, set some clear goals – don’t forget the SMART method for goal setting.

Build relationships

Your success hangs on your ability to motivate and inspire your team to achieve. As soon as you get into your new role, focus on getting to know your team and building relationships with them. Staff who feel like you understand them and treat them with respect will work hard for you.

Take a management or leadership course

The learning doesn’t end here, in fact, it’s really only just beginning. Find a good training provider, like CQM Training & Consultancy, which offers educational leadership courses. You may choose to start with something like IOSH managing safely, which is designed for managers and supervisors in any sector.