IOSH Managing Safely – Who is it for?

Who would benefit from IOSH Managing Safely training?

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The IOSH Managing Safely training programme is designed for individuals in managerial or supervisory roles who are responsible for managing health and safety within their teams or departments. This programme is suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors.

Examples of suitable IOSH Managing Safely candidates

Below you will find some examples for who the IOSH Managing Safely training programme is suitable for and their relevant roles;

First Line & Senior Managers

Individuals in managerial or supervisory positions who have responsibilities for the health and safety of their team members and the workplace which can include compliance, quality, and governance professionals.

Team Leaders

Team leaders who oversee a group of workers and are involved in decision-making related to health and safety within their team.

Small Business Owners

Owners of small businesses who need to take on the role of managing health and safety within their organisation.

Facility Staff

Those responsible for managing and maintaining facilities, ensuring a safe working environment for employees.

Human Resources Professionals

HR professionals who have a role in ensuring workplace safety and well-being as part of their broader responsibilities.

Project Managers

Project managers who oversee various projects and need to incorporate health and safety considerations into project planning and execution.

Health and Safety Representatives

Individuals designated as health and safety representatives within an organisation.

,IOSH Managing Safely Summary

The IOSH Managing Safely programme provides essential knowledge and skills for anyone with any kind of health and safety responsibility to enable participants to effectively manage health and safety in the workplace.

It covers topics such as risk assessment, hazard identification, legal compliance, and the development of a safety management system. The programme is designed to be accessible to individuals with varying levels of experience in health and safety.

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It’s worth noting that the specific requirements and eligibility criteria for the IOSH Managing Safely programme may vary, so you should check with IOSH or a training provider like us for the most up-to-date information. To learn more and discover our upcoming programmes, visit our dedicated IOSH Managing Safely Page.

CQM Training & Consultancy are accredited to deliver both IOSH Working Safely and IOSH Managing Safely training programmes with our expert and industry experienced IOSH trainers. We understand the impact on both people and organisations through good quality IOSH training, so if you’re interested in booking onto one of our programmes or have any questions please get in touch with us by completing our contact form below.

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