Subcontracting Statement 2019/20

Version: 1;


This statement applies for all sub-contract delivery from 1st August 2019. Most of our programmes use direct delivery and do not have a subcontract element. However, we do use subcontractors in particular circumstances as outlined in the statement below.

Rationale for Subcontracting

However, CQM T&C recognises the benefits that effective subcontracting can bring and will consider subcontracting in the following circumstances:

• Where there is very specialist provision which CQM T&C would not be able to adequately resource and/or

• Where an employer requires bespoke training (within the apprenticeship), that their staff would be better placed to deliver and would give a better experience to the apprentice

Quality Assurance

CQM T&C recognises subcontracted activity as a limited, yet fundamental part of our overall provision, and as such will be monitored and managed through the existing QA processes and procedures. Any subcontractor we use will meet the following requirement:

• The subcontractor on the published register of apprenticeship training providers and have applied by the main or supporting application routes


Where we employ a subcontractor, we will offer services to this subcontractor defined as full due diligence, administration, quality assurance, e-portfolio, functional skills, learning observations, continuing professional development, access to regulatory learning, limited access to our sharepoint systems.

We will risk rate the subcontractor and use the risk rating to determine the services we provide.

CQM T&C will undertake quality monitoring visits on subcontracted provision. This may include an observation of teaching and learning, learner interviews and checks of documentation. These checks will be a combination of announced and unannounced (where this is practicable).

Fees and Charges

Subcontracting fees will be agreed on an individual basis, inline with the proportion of the service being delivered (driven by the Scheme of Work) and actual delivery costs, and will be stated on the contract for services. The fees we charge will typically reflect our standard day rate charge.

Further Information

We have a full policy for engagement of subcontractors which will be shared with any potential or actual subcontractor and is available for inspection by other key stakeholders.