Subcontracting Statement 2021/22

Version Number 2
Issue Date (Last Review Date) 01/10/2021
Review Date 31/09/2022
Author Dawn Hughes (Quality & Compliance Manager)
Approved by Andy Cheshire (MD)


This statement applies for all sub-contract delivery for Apprenticeship programmes from 1st October 2021. We do not currently have any live subcontract agreements and furthermore do not expect to use subcontract provision within the next 12 months following the date of this document.

Rationale for Future Subcontracting

CQM T&C recognises the benefits that effective subcontracting can bring and will consider future subcontracting in the following circumstances:
• Where there is very specialist provision which CQM T&C would not be able to adequately resource and/or
• Where an employer requires bespoke training (within the apprenticeship), that their staff would be better placed to deliver and would give a better experience to the apprentice

Subcontract Funding Requirements

We will agree with the ESFA to gain permission for any future subcontracting and will bring into place our full subcontract policies and procedures to ensure full diligence is adhered to.