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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

This programme is ideal for those leading the local deployment of improvement strategy, in supporting the delivery of business goals. Suitable candidates would be employees who provide technical expertise in structured improvement methods and advanced tools, or are responsible for leading advanced cross-functional improvement projects. Black Belts would be seen as those responsible for co-ordinating Practitioner level training, projects, and activities.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt covers:


  • Course Structure
  • Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Steps and Tools
  • The Cost of Poor Quality
  • Six Sigma Metrics
  • Lean
  • Project Charter


  • Process Mapping Overview
  • Types of Process Map
  • Inputs to the Process
  • Cause and Effect Diagrams
  • X-Y Matrix
  • FMEA
  • Basic Statistics Part 1
  • Basic Statistics Part 2
  • Graphs


  • Overview
  • Multi-vari analysis
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Continuous Data – Comparing Two Samples
  • Continuous Data – Comparing More than Two Samples
  • Continuous Data – Testing a Sample Against a Standard
  • Tests for Non-continuous Output Data
  • Test for Equal Variance
  • Regression Analysis


  • Concept Generation
  • Implementation


  • Final Capability
  • Control Plans

Tailored Programme Delivery

The agenda would be formally planned and scoped in an on-site meeting with key stakeholders to ensure the delivery has the required impact, and places emphasis on key areas outlined by the business.

Optional Coaching Sessions

If desired, CQM T&C can deliver additional coaching sessions providing invaluable support to help deliver improvement projects and embed the change.

CQM Training & Consultancy

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Level of Delivery: Level 5
Optional Certificate: In-house or ISAAC
Entry Requirements: N/A
Cohort Size: 2-12
Programme Duration: 10-15 days
Route: Lean Six Sigma
Delivery Location: On-site Client Location
Sectors: Pan Sector (Manufacturing & Service)

“CQM T&C’s extensive approach to workforce development delivers a
permanent change in culture which would not result from a quick fix solution or “college” type training. Sustaining and locking in improvements ensures a year on year return on investment.”

Rob Burrows

CI & Manufacture Support Leader, Jacuzzi

Did you know this course can be tailored to your specific requirements?

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Operations Coaching

Optional on-site coaching of projects

Deliver real business improvements and drive significant bottom line savings with our expert on-site coaching, that will embed a culture of continuous improvement.

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