Train the Trainer

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Train the Trainer

Training how to be a trainer.

Train the Trainer Covers:

This workshop is designed to help the individual who is not (or at least not yet) a professional trainer. The focus is on those who have been asked to present or train a group of individuals; a task for which he or she has little prior experience. Delivering on the job training can strike fear into the heart of the most skilled and experienced employee.

Course Contents

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • The Four Basic Steps in the Learning Process
  • Your Approach to Learning as a Trainer (The Learning Style Inventory)
  • Your Learning Style
  • Your Training Style (The Trainer Type Inventory)
  • The Learning Cycle and the Training Process
  • When is Training Necessary?
  • Planning Training
  • Developing Objectives
  • Planning and Designing the Program
  • Training Methods
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Designing a Learning Sequence
  • Types of Trainers
  • Setting the Climate
  • Common Errors in Training
  • The Four Step Plan
  • Characteristics of an Effective Trainer
  • Dealing with Difficult Trainees
  • Visual Aids
  • Presentations (Mock Training)
  • About Evaluations
  • Action Plan


Who should attend?

This highly interactive course is ideal for Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, or brand-new trainers.

Level of Delivery: Foundation
Certificate: In-house
Entry Requirements: N/A
Cohort Size: 3-12
Programme Duration: 2 days
Progression Route: TAQA Level 3
Delivery Location: On-site Client Location
Sectors: Pan Sector (Manufacturing & Service)

I gained a knowledge of all grouping techniques in training and an increased self-awareness of my own training style which improved my ability to accept different people’s preferences. Bloom’s Taxonomy will enable me to achieve the right outcomes for the individuals I train.

Daniel Diggins

Laboratory Supervisor

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