Value Stream Mapping

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Value Stream Mapping

Really understand how to make your processes flow. This practical and hands on course will help you understand the power of value stream mapping as a tool to identify and clearly focus business improvements in your organisation. The workshop is as relevant for tractor manufacturer as it is for a hospital, or chemical company or public works department.

Workshop content:

  • Understanding the concept of VSM
  • Understanding Value and flow
  • Why is VSM such a valuable toll
  • Where would you use VSM
  • Who typically uses VSM
  • How to select a value stream
  • Deciding what data to collect
  • How to construct a current state map
  • Defining the future state map
  • Constructing the value stream plan
  • Agreeing future actions for your organisation

Workshop format will be highly interactive, with exercises to reinforce learning, and a case study will run throughout the day tying in the key learning. Each delegate will develop an action plan to embed the learning in their organisation.

Who should attend?

People in your organisation who are keen to improve end to end processes, typically:

  • Senior managers and directors.
  • Functional managers and operations management
  • Improvement facilitators or CI managers

You will be more likely to implement the learning if you send more than one delegate

How will this workshop improve yours and your organisations performance?

  • You will look at processes anew and see the waste that was hidden before
  • You will understand how to develop better flow to improve operational performance
  • You will understand the tools and keys to developing a value stream map
  • You will be given a structured format to develop buy in from key stakeholders/managers
  • You will have a toolset and the confidence to uncover problems in your processes
  • You will take away specific actions to improve your own organisation

Level of Delivery: Higher
Optional Certificate: Yes
Entry Requirements: N/A
Cohort Size: 2-12
Programme Duration: 2 days
Route: Lean Six Sigma
Delivery Location: On-site Client Location
Sectors: Pan Sector (Manufacturing & Service)

“The training program certainly focused our minds on efficiency, and savings were identified early in the program, but probably the best thing to come out of it is that we have been able to sustain the lean thinking approach to work, creating true continuous improvement.”

Richard McCauley

Lean Management Co-ordinator

Did you know this course can be tailored to your specific requirements?

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