CQM Training & Consultancy Ltd.’s Training Needs Analysis (TNA), can provide your company with a complete understanding of the current and ongoing training and development requirements of all your employees from the shop-floor to the boardroom.

Using our proven structured, and methodical approach, we will produce a detailed, holistic breakdown of the entire workforce development needs, underpinned by a clear skills gap analysis.

Whether a single site or multisite operation, the TNA will reveal the critical areas for development and propose solutions that over time, will deliver a considerable return on investment. The TNA will look at the most appropriate solutions that can be financed through levy or directly from your allocated training budget and alternative means of funding.

CQM T&C’s ability to map the TNA results across to your company values will demonstrate the level of alignment being achieved and identify areas for improvement.

Key Features

  • Overview of all training solutions both technical and general development
  • Clear demonstration of ROI of training and development
  • Single and Multisite approach
  • Levy and non-levy financed solutions
  • Mapped into global company values

mapping of company values

Training Needs Analysis Approach

Sampling Profile

This is dependent upon the size of organisation which will dictate the sampling profile.
The sample will reflect: Gender ratio, all job functions, and will be taken across all locations.

Understanding Current Training Investment

Define the areas of current focus for training resource: technical skills development, compliance, general programmes of development etc.

Value Mapping

This examines the values your employees experience daily, which are then mapped across to the global company values to determine the actual level of alignment. It will generate an appreciation of the core values that exist within your company’s DNA.

Organisational Needs & Development Solutions

Following the focussed feedback and interview sessions, CQM T&C will generate a report summarising the general needs for development across all levels, simultaneously highlighting the areas within which you already excel. The Development Solutions will be divided into two sections; ‘General Programmes’ and ‘Technical Programmes’.

Return on Investment

All training and development should be in line with business strategy and deliver a return on investment. CQM T&C pride ourselves on capturing accurate data to demonstrate the year on year cumulative return on investment your company could achieve through each specified training intervention. The return can often be over double the amount invested.

Example Below:
Potential Areas of EBITDA Improvement from Development
Potential Cumulative Improvement
This all-encompassing report will provide your company with the information and knowledge required to strategically plan all future training requirements within budget and achieve the desired outcome for both the business and your personnel.