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Government Funding Announcement - Apprenticeships return to main news

Vince Cable, Secretary of State of Business, Innovation & Skills, announced two key updates regarding Apprenticeships in England

On 10th February Vince Cable announced two key changes that will take effect immediately.

He confirmed that those taking a Level 3 or above Apprenticeship, who are 24 years or older, will no longer be required to take out an Advanced Learning Loan.

Cable further announced that the government will restore the co-funding for Advanced level and Higher Apprenticeships (eg Level 3, Level 4 etc) for those aged 24 and over. This new funding will come from the Adult Skills Budget.

This is very positive news for both employers and employees. It will add further support to vocational pathways for employee career progression. Basically, any employees aged 24 and over, who are eligible for government Apprenticeship funding, can now progress their development with co-funded Advanced or Higher Level Apprenticeships.

If you would like to find out more about how this new government funding can support your employees or an Advanced or Higher Level Apprenticeship, please talk to one of our team. Call us now on 0114 281 3747 or email Turn on Javascript!

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