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ProCo is a friendly and approachable printer embracing the use of technology, with state-of-art production facilities and a 24 hour operation. Having knowledgeable and pro-active account management and production teams, advising on the most effective integrated solution and service using Litho Print,Digital Print, Direct Mail, Online Ordering, Data Management, Finishing, Warehousing and Distribution Services.

Lean Management Programme

Project Objectives

– Improve the planning process by collecting and analysing data.
– Improved communication between departments, especially via the job bag.
– Improve housekeeping, create more space, reduce stock, improving the environment.

Key Identified Issues

– Litho waste last year was £91,608 some as a result of the planning process.
– Jobs approved and ready for production without sample packs.
– Clutter in front of unused doors and walkways, excessive stock held in departments, general lack of space.

Lean Management Thinking

Each Lean programme that CQM Training & Consultancy deliver is tailor made to ensure the greatest business benefit is gained by your company or organisation.

The programme will provide jargon-free help to your teams who will be ‘challenged’ to make significant improvements to their operations.

All the time, our experienced trainers will provide close support and help to keep your team on track.

Our carefully developed and successful formula works every time and will help you generate real savings. It involves giving your chosen team the problem of solving techniques that they will need and then coaching on your site to actually produce the savings and improvements.

The Lean programme is specifically designed so that upon completion your team will have acquired the knowledge to continually improve your processes and embed change.

Advantages of Lean

– Increase your profits
– Enhance productivity
– Improve quality
– Reduce waste & inefficiencies
– Reduce process times
– Reduce Inventories

On our Lean programme your team will develop:

– Problem solving and team development skills
– Understanding in how to implement a process of continuous improvement
– Skills which will make changes stick
– Skills to identify and measure wasteful processes
– Abilities that will improve the overall ‘culture’ within your business
– Appreciation of standards that effect quality and the way you work

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Project Achievements

– Trained staff now involved in the planning process which is measured, monitored and communicated, reducing errors to 1% saving £40k per annum.

– Account managers now supplying sample packs at an earlier stage saving £18k per annum in lost time. Postage accounts improved saving £2.5k p.a. Repro staff trained in finishing requirements potential saving in lost time £10k p.a. Credit notes potential saving £10k p.a.

– Improved housekeeping as a result of implementing 5s, high volume projects are now located in central position minimal movement due to improved layout. Able to locate items more easily, reducing stock and improving the working environment.

"The cross functional departments are now communicating much more effectively and understand each others issues”

Richard Green
Production Director

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