Lean Six Sigma / Continuous Improvement

With the correct approach, Lean Six Sigma will bring about significant financial rewards, improved teamwork, more effective communication and behavioural change.

The Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement philosophy will make a significant impact on organisational performance across all sectors. From food & drink, healthcare & government to telecommunications, banking and legal services, the principles and techniques are applicable.

All of our programmes are completely designed to be bespoke to your requirements, and therefore may vary in length and content once we have a full understanding of your team’s current level of expertise and need for development. The training is delivered by industry experts on site at your location.

White belt

This is the basic level of certification that provides your teams with information about basic concepts of Six Sigma.

Yellow belt

This will provide your teams with a fundamental understanding of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and the ability to participate in an improvement project.

Green belt

Your teams will gain the skills necessary to successfully complete DMAIC projects, including basic knowledge of planning, team problem-solving methods and improvement strategies.

Black belt

This programme is ideal for those leading the local deployment of improvement strategy, in supporting the delivery of business goals.

Lean Tools

This workshop will introduce you to the Lean/CI toolbox in context.

Lean Strategy

This interactive workshop will use your organisation as an example to help you build a plan for Lean deployment.

5S Methodology

5s is workplace management and is the systemic assessment and improvement of the working environment.

Change Agent Development

This workshop will formalise all the skills necessary to be an effective internal change agent.

SMED Change Over Reduction

Unlock capacity and improve flexibility by reducing time spent on wasteful changeovers.

Value Stream Mapping

This practical course will help you understand the power of Value Stream Mapping as a tool to identify and focus, business improvements in your organisation.

Case Studies

Extrusion Process

This building supplies group extrudes sectional materials from a number of automatic lines. The company had a mixture of delivery and productivity issues.

Proco Print

ProCo is a friendly and approachable printer embracing the use of technology, with state-of-art production facilities and a 24 hour operation. Having knowledgeable and pro-active account management and production teams, advising on the most effective integrated solution and service using Litho Print,Digital Print, Direct Mail, Online Ordering, Data Management, Finishing,
Warehousing and Distribution Services.

Synseal Group

Founded in 1980, Synseal Group is the UK’s fastest growing and most dynamic window and conservatory systems manufacturer. Synseal remains fully independent and is owned by the people that run the company on a day-to-day basis following a successful MBO in February 2010.

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