Delivering Skills, Developing People, Driving Performance

In a nutshell, at CQM Training & Consultancy Ltd, that’s what we do. Undisputed experts working nationally, with cross-sector clients, providing multi-disciplinary training that transforms both people and business. As part of the Instructus Group we adhere to the same set of values of being ‘Committed, Caring and Collaborative’.

Our Beating Heart

Developing people is the very core of our activity. In the last 6 years alone, CQM T&C have been invited to work with well over 100 companies transforming the skills of more than 1500 people. We work closely with all our learners to ensure they receive the tailored coaching and mentoring that will completely change the way they work. Our ability to identify and realise untapped talent is key to the future success of both the individual and client. Therefore, it’s only natural we see our learners grow in confidence, yet their positive influence has an even far wider reach, boosting team morale and establishing an increasingly motivated and productive workforce.

We pride ourselves in enabling people to maximize their own true potential and open up valuable opportunities which otherwise would be out of reach. Our economy is only as strong as the workforce that drives it, and we are committed to providing the cross sector skills needed for growth.

Investing in the Future

AT CQM T&C we work extensively with 16-18 year olds, securing desirable opportunities within growing companies that are looking to develop a pool of future managers and avoid the risk of an impending skills shortage.

Our understanding of current economic policy and the motivators driving young people to search for real, viable alternatives to traditional Higher/Further Education routes helps us obtain ideal openings, and deliver the appropriate Apprenticeship training to ensure they succeed in a rewarding career with unlimited potential, whilst adding significant value for the client.

This age group are the future of our economy and deserve the opportunities which will see them thrive, learn and drive us forward. We strongly advocate and champion Young Apprenticeships and are proud to have delivered the training to the UK’s first ever Young Talent of the Year award winner at the nationally recognised Food Manufacturing Excellence awards.

Championing Skills for Women

CQM Training & Consultancy have been working with existing clients to ensure their female workforce reap the benefits of the National Skills Academy Food & Drink’s recently secured ‘Women in Work’ funding, specifically aimed at supporting the advancement of women in this sector through training and development across a range of in-demand food industry skills.

Research from the last Women in Work funded project showed that training increases confidence, understanding of the business, motivation and effectiveness in the job for those women who participated.

Testament to this are participants at Largo Foods. Aleksandra Obara, Team Leader commented, “We are more confident now. Processing has always been a very male dominated area of our business, and it still is really. However the difference now is that we’re not afraid to go in there, and we’ve got loads of ideas to make improvements within that area.”

Inclusion is Second Nature

Our ethics on minorities, diversity and inclusion are irrefutable. With a proven track record of training people from all backgrounds we can confidently attest to up-skilling a greater percentage of people from ethnic minorities as a proportion of the UK. We are an inclusive organisation with regard to every possible aspect of discrimination.

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